Laser Therapy


What Can Laser Therapy Do?

Speed Recovery Time In Half

Advanced Technology for Inflammation Associated with Sprains & Strains

Increase Core Muscle Stability

Better Range of Motion

Improve the Body's Immunity



When the body isn't functioning properly whether due to injury or just continuous poor posture, the cells are damaged and fail to function within normal parameters.  The Erchonia Low Level Laser penetrates deeply into the skin and works by restoring this abnormal function. The most common use for laser in our office is restoring normal strength to weakened muscle groups that has occurred by injury or by abnormal movement patterns.  Many of our patients discover that upon being tested with the laser,  they  have weak muscle groups in their core,  lower back,  neck and  shoulders

that they were completely unaware of.  These weaknesses ultimately lead to pain and strain points in the spine, extremities and even the jaw.  Although the Laser Therapy Protocol is 8 treatments, many of our patients notice major changes after their first treatment.  Once the body is functioning at a more optimum level, core stability is restored and range of motion is increased.  Some of our patients describe better coordination and balance and a sense of "better control over their movements" and since the Laser works on a cellular level and is fully programmable, we have seen excellent results with reducing inflammation due to sprains/strains and even surgery incisions. 


Erchonia Base Station   3 Lasers In One Unit